An Australian Barbie (that’s barbecue to you American folks)

Again, time has eluded me as I begin this post much later than I anticipated. At least it’s within the week I intended to post it, right?

Week two of our Australian adventures was probably the most eventful and possibly the most memorable thus far. I was lucky enough to spend my 23rd and golden birthday in the land down under. Your birthday is always an exciting time of the year, or at least until you hit 30. I hear it’s all down hill from there. To all my, let’s say, mature friends and family: no worries, I don’t believe those cynics!  But what made this birthday even more special for a middle of January baby, was the warm, summer weather. If you are also from the Midwest and have a dead middle of the winter birthday, you can appreciate my excitement.

Alas, my 23rd birthday was celebrated with a bunch of, well, relative strangers. A house full of ozzies, one Japanese, one Mexican, one Korean…and of course the two of us Yankees. It might sound a bit strange, but these are all people I now hold close, people that were never really strangers from the start. With the mix of new people and only having been in Australia for roughly 10 days, I was unsure of what type of birthday I would have. It ended up being a wonderful, fabulous celebration. Lots of good food, good drink, good company and of course cake (2 different types I might add)! I am so thankful to Annee and Rod for putting together such a great party and to everyone else for joining me. I had my first true Australian barbie and it was one I will never forget!


The photo quality isn’t the greatest, but you get the gist. Check out more birthday pictures here.


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